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Learn Chinese

As well as we know, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world, There is nearly 1/4 of the World's Population speak Mandarin Chinese. Except Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, Even spread throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, where large Chinese communities congregate. Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese and you can speak with millions of people around the world. There are some reasons cause people be fascinated by learning Mandarin Chinese.


Firstly, China is widely regarded as the potentially biggest global market in the 21century, Proficient speakers of Mandarin Chinese will find jobs in various fields such as business, government, international relations, information technology, tourism, education, translation and much more, Business people who speak Mandarin have a huge advantage in tapping into the Chinese market. It is much easier to develop all-important relationships in many fields if you can speak good Mandarin.

Secondly, With thousands of years of history, Chinese culture is endlessly fascinating. Whether your interests are in history, architecture, music, or cuisine, a knowledge of Mandarin will enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.


Thirdly, Most of Chinese girls are shy to show their love to the foreigners due to the language barrier. But, As a foreigner, if you are going to look for your favorite Chinese girlfriend then get marry. Fluent Chinese speaking must be the efficient way to attract the Chinese girl. Your marriage could also runs more smoothly in the future.

Due to the unique Karsts Mountains, Crystal Rivers, fresh air, relaxing setting and friendly people,Yangshuo town is the ideal place for you to learn Chinese in China.Except learn Chinese,You can also spend your spare time to travel around Yangshuo by doing different activities in Yangshuo,Such as cycling,hiking,caving,bamboo rafting,Kayaking and so on around beautiful Yangshuo town.

As to where should to learn Chinese in Yangshuo,Though there are quite a few Chinese speaking schools in Yangshuo,I personally recommend Yangshuo Omeida Chinese Academy,Opened since from 2001, qualified Chinese teachers,Nice surroundings and abundant experience in Chinese teaching field.You can directly reach to Yangshuo Omeida Chinese academy.

          Yangshuo Omeida Chinese Academy

        The office of Omeida Chinese Academy


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