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Bamboo rafting

  Yangshuo Yulong river scenery Yangshuo Yulong river scenery
There are two famous rivers flow through Yangshuo county,They are Li river and Yulong river,actually,Yulong river is a tributary of Li river,Maybe most of tourists know Li river but may not know the Yulong river.In fact,Yulong river has already called the "Mini Li river" by the locals,Yulong river means meeting dragon river,it was said that there is a dragon came to the Yulong river long time ago,The scenery around the river is so amazing and breath-taking,The dragon won't leave again,So the dragon would like to stay in this river,it was met by the locals one day and hence the name.
  Yulong river bamboo rafting Yangshuo Yulong river bamboo rafting
Indeed,The Yulong river is very quiet and peaceful,both side of the river are all flat rice fields and unique karst mountains,besides,there are many weirs in every 200meters along the Yulong river,The farmers built these weirs in order to store water in the winter season in ancient China.but now it's no use any more,but still kept there.on the other hand,It's a very good chance for sightseeing,That's Yulong river bamboo rafting,two chairs were set up on a bamboo raft,a boatman will push the bamboo raft forward by using a bamboo pole.That's really a very enjoyable and exciting activities.sometime,The bamboo raft float on the mirror-liked river in quiet,Somtime it's very exciting to pass over the weirs.Now,more and more tourists would like to take this bamboo rafting when they visit Yangshuo,why don't you have a try.
               Yulong river bamboo rafting


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