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Taichi & Kongfu

               Practise Taichi with Henry Huang in Yangshuo
Tai Chi Chuan is a famous Chinese kung fu. All the Chinese kungfu can be divided into two kinds, the "In-style" and the "Out-style". Tai Chi is the representative kind of the "In-style". These kinds of kung fu emphasize on the stuffs inside the fighter's body, which include the calmness of the spirit, the sensitivity of the sense and the speed of the reaction. Instead of fighting before your opponent's move or trying to destroy your opponent's attack like out-style kung fu, Tai Chi master always fight in a way that "forget yourself and follow your opponent". They feel the move of the opponent and find the proper point that can distort the his balance, and then only use a little power on this point to beat down or even throw out the opponent. Their training bases on a wholly relaxed way, every move must be with no obstruction.
                Yangshuo taichi school
In a word, Taichi is not only an efficient martial art, it's an excellent way to improve body and mind! Kung Fu is the classic Chinese martial art that develops strength, agility, and is beneficial for your health. If you want to learn Taichi and Kongfu,We highly recommend Henry Huang to be your Taichi or Kongfu master!He is good at Taichi and opened the first Taichi school named Yangshuo taichi shcool.More details about Henry Huang,you can visit Yangshuo taichi school.
               Henry Huang and his students


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