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The kayaking has become more and more popular for the travellers in Yangshuo, To be quite frank,It's a new activity appeared on the Li river,The kayaking route is begin at Fuli town,the end could be at Liugong old village or Puyi town,This area is belong to the stretch section of Li river downstream.Compare to the upstream Li river,especially between Yangdi and Xingping,Maybe this area doesn't have too many outstanding karst mountains as it was appeared in the upstream Li river.


In the other hand,This area doesn't have too many big boats go and down along this area,so it looks more quite and peaceful,Besides,You may also the have a insight of the local people's daily life,such as the the fisher fishing in the river,the water buffalo are eating the grass beside the river leisurely,sometimes,a flock of ducks will across on the river,It shows a very beautiful pastoral scene along the way.and you may lie down inside the kayak,enjoy this splendid scenery and lovely moment.What a enjoyable things during your stay in Yangshuo.




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