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Cave Exploring

               The entrance of water cave
In Yangshuo,There are many different kinds of Caves,such as the silver cave,Dragon assemble cave,Water cave and so on,some of caves are well decorated by the colorful lights,but the water cave is a cave which quite different and natural.Compare to other caves,water cave not just let the tourists to see the stalagmites and stalactites inside,you may also take part in some activities inside the cave,and the activities is quite interesting and funning.
                Inside the cave

Water cave is a nature cave,The same to other caves,It formed it by the earthquake and movement of the earth long long time ago,But usually speaking,it used to be a underground river at the first begining,due to multimillion years geologic process,the caves formed in nowadays.
                Mud bath in the water cave|
The water cave is located at the Dragon gate village of Gaotian town in Yangshuo,The cave throughout three mountains from below,It's about 2km deep inside,there is a paved road lead to the end,at the entrance of the water cave,there is water pool,and you have to take a boat and get to inside,though the entrance is very narrow,but it becomes very big inside.the deepest is 30meters in the cave.There is mud pool inside the cave,if you want to take a mud bath,this maybe suit for you,at the end of the cave,there are three swimming pool,the water are all come from the mountain,especially,If it's summer senson,you may also see the waterfall flow from the top of the cave.take a nature shower there is very cool and funning.
                 Waterfall in the cave


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