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Great light show

The Impression of Shanjie Liu light show is the most highlight in Yangshuo,it is an outstanding culture performance directed by Yimou Zhang who is the Director of Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening ceremony. In a word,The show gives us an impressions of the life of these people who living around the Lijiang river. It also gives us an insight into the dresses and music of the local people.
            Yangshuo Great light show
This inconceivable light show was premiere in 2004,the are 600 actors and actress take part in this show,You can's imaged that this performed stage is on the Li river,and the unique karst mountains as its backdrop. The 70-minute show combines the classical Liu Sanjie's folk songs and exotic fishing culture together, reflecting the harmony between human beings and the nature.


What makes the Impression Liu sanjie light show so extraordinary?Actually, the Great lights show has a great different from the traditional performance.Firstly, the stage is not in the indoor, the stage of the great lights show is a outdoor theatre which located on the Lijiang river with the natural scenery surroundings.Secondly, The Li River itself and another twelve mountains serve as the backdrop for the Great lights show.Thirdly, the sound effects and lighting effects makes the performance perfect.Fourthly, there are 600 actors and actress in total, half of the actors are belong to the local village fisherman, they never attend specialization training but they can display the best to the audience.

If you travel to Yangshuo,We highly recommend you could have look at this show.It will leave you a unforgettable memory in your mind.





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