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Hiking was considered as a very good ecological travel,Hiking means the closer to the nature, you will be attracted by the beautiful countryside trail and scenery along the way in Yangshuo. Hiking may be also the best way to return to the nature. The Karst landscape in Yangshuo region makes the area an ideal place to do a hiking travel.

Local women and water buffalo in the countryside  The farmers work at rice paddy

There are some popular hiking route recommended,one of the most popular hiking route must belong to the Hiking from Yangdi to Xingping along the Li river.It's about 20km between Yangdi and Xingping,You may pass some local old villages,Bamboo groves,rice fields banks,river banks and so on.This hiking tour will takes 6hours,besides you have to across three ferries by boat on the way,of course,It's also a very good idea to discover the local people's lifestyle,You may see the farmers are worked on the rice fields with their water buffalo,the fishing man may repair the net at the home,You may also see some fruit trees on the way,such as orange, pomelo, loquat and so on.Of course,you may see many beautiful mountains such as the nine horses fresco hill,apple hill,camel hill and so the end of hiking,you may have a stroll at Xingping old town after finish the hiking.

          Hiking through the rice paddy path

Another hiking rote I highly recommended is hiking along the Yulong river,It's a quiet and peaceful hiking trail.The hiking path through the local rice paddies,local orchards,local old villages and so on,You could see many different kinds of fruits,Saplings,waters,the farmers working at the rice paddies and so on. It's really a relaxing and enjoyable hiking.

               Hiking trail



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