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Guilin night cruise

             Guilin two rivers and four lakes
The two rivers and four lakes included Li river, peach blossom river,Rong lake,San lake,Gui lake and Mulong lake,they are connected and linked-up each other.actually, it's a waterway transportation which made up of Guilin downtown round the city water hence the name.There has fomed a complete moat river system in Guilin since over 1,000 years ago.
             Guilin night cruise
Today,two rivers and four lakes is a pearl embed in the Guilin city.makes Guilin looks more beautiful and livable.There are many variety of flowers and trees were planted both side of the two rivers and four lakes.besides,It also embellished by many unique stones, archaized bridges, pagoda,man-made fountains, ancient pavilion and so on can be seen along the way.It provide a very good relaxing place for the local residents and tourists.
             Guilin evening scenery
For the tourists,Have a walk or take a night boat cruise pass the two river and four lake are highly recommend.In the evening,Many different kinds of beautiful lights are all opened and makes the two river and four lake looks more wonderful and colorful.besides,there are some music fountain and folk song show you can see on the way.This cruise will give you a new and deeply impression of Guilin which you won't meet in the daytime.
  Lakeside view   Fountain


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