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Li river cruise

            Li river cruise
As the saying goes "Guilin has the best scenery in the world",Actually,The beautiful landscape especially include the unique mountains and picturesque rivers,Guilin scenery is so famous and reputable,In most of case due to the amazing Li river.

            Li river scenery

            The deck
Li river is originated from Mao'er mountain,It pass by Guilin and Yangshuo,at last flow toward to Zhujiang river which connect South China Sea.People always say that the water in Li river looks like a mirror,very clean and limpid.That's true.firstly,because the fountainhead is from virgin forest of Mao'er mountain,never polluted.secondly,at he bottom of the river,there are all the cobbles and limestones formation;so it's very hard to produce silt and can self-purify very well.Of course,Li river cruise is your must do activities when you visit China,As one of the most beautiful river in China,Li river is quite different from other river in China.Take a boat and cruise along the river,you will attracted by the bamboo shoots looked mountains,The Li river valley was formed long time ago,These unique limestone mountains are all line up both side of the river,look like a nature art gallery,you will see the local old villages, water buffalo, bamboo groves,caves and fishers,waterfull from the boat along the way.what a idyllic scenery! 

             The cabin of tourist boat
              Buffet lunch on board
There are five most famous attractions along the river,included Yangdi waterfall,Langshi misty rain, nine horses fresco hill,Yellow cloth reflection and Xingping town scenery.These five attractions display a real and beautiful Li river to the world,This is also you can't find another river match Li river in the world.When you take a boat cruise on the Li river,Do not fortet to see these fives attractions at that moment.
             Li river scenery - 20CNY note picture
             Li river scenery

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