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      Sanjiang,the name is equal to "three rivers" if it translated into English literally,the full name is Sanjiang Dong minority autonomous county, It's belong to Liuzhou city in Guangxi province.Besides,It's also situated the joint area of Guizhou,Hunan and Guangxi province.The whole county covers 2454 square kilometers and with a population of 350,000.As one of five Dong minority autonomous counties in China, the region is traditionally inhabited by the Dong people.The Dong people has alreay rised to 170,000 since 2008.It's approx 5 hours drive from Guilin city.

      As the saying goes:"Guilin has the best scenery,Sanjiang has the best splendid ethnic culture",The drum tower and the Wind and Rain Bridge must be stand for the most highlight of Sanjiang, the most famous as well as the largest Dong Ethnic Minority Bridge in China must be belong to Chengyang wind and rain bridge,It's located 19km north of Sanjiang county,it was first built's 64.4m long,3.4m wide and 10.6m high,The whole bridge is consist of bridge, porch and pavilion.besides,there are 5 stone piers across Linxi river under the bride to suport the weight of the whole bridge.especially,The whole bridge did not use any nails or fasteners of any kind but replaced by the traditional wooden tenons and mortises,it's really Representing the super-duper construction technology of Dong people.The surrounding scenery of the bridge is also astonishing,The green rice fields,charming rivers,local unique villages mixed together in harmony and looks like a vivid Landscape painting.

      In Chengyang wind and rain Bridge Scenic Area, Most of the locals still wear their traditional minority clothing, and the local government have made the rule that forbidding to build any modern style buildings in the area,So you can see that most of the houses are made of wood,most of the houses has three floors, The first floor is used as feed the domestic animals,such as pigs and buffalo.the second floor usually belong to the living quarters for people,The third floor usually is used as reserve the food.This habit has already remained for a long time. this kind of houses is a very good way to stop from the beast's attack and could kept warm in the old days.The durm tower is the most attractive and exquisite buildings in every Dong villages,As a matter of fact,The durm tower is regarded as the symbol for the Dong village,that's mean each village at least has one drum durm tower. It's originally used as lookout points and the durm inside would be beaten to alert to some impending peril. because of the design of the structure, the sound would be amplified and could be heard for miles around. But Nowadays the durm tower is used as a meeting place for the local villagers!

      Except the spectacular architecture achievement,Dong people in Sanjiang has also owned lots of magnificent as well as colorful folk custom and festival. Such as the Dong people's great song,Dong people's dance,the unique banquet,diet culture and so on,In order to know about this people and this area,you have to spend more time to discover the Magical area!

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