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     Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou and heart of politics, economics, culture, as well as science and technology in Guizhou province. Guiyang is plotted out six districts, one city as well as three towns in administration and covers 8,034 square kilometers area, accounting for 4.56% of the total area in Guizhou province. Except for Han, the city gets together more than 30 minority ethnic groups, such as, Buyi, Miao, Hui,Dong,Yi,etc. But beyond this,Guiyang is also a touristy city. Its landscape of elegant hills and waters, a rich legacy of cultural relics and the typical lifestyles of ethnic groups make this highland city become a popular destination for many travelers. Guiyang's pleasant climate makes it suitable to visit all year round.

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Guiyang city

City scenery

Evening scenery

Guiyang buliding

GuiYang city scenery

Evening scenery

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