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      As the capital of capital of Qiandongnan Miao&Dong Minority Autonomous Prefecture,Kali is the political and cultural centre which Located in the southeastern area of Guizhou Province,It covers 1300 and with a population of 550,000, the Miao People is largest group lived in this area,It's 197km away from Guiyang city, Due to its prepotent Location, Kaili is also the gateway to the surrounding area's many Miao villages that are scattered about the nearby mountains.

      Kaili is a city of festival, there are over 130 festivals taking place throughout the year,besides, Kaili is also honoured as "An Ocean of Song and Dance", "The Homeland of Music", and "The City of Festivals",so that provide you a very good place to savor abundant ethnic minorities culture and custom in Guizhou province.

      In the Kaili city, there are two places are worth you to visit. The first one is Kaili Museum, where you can have a comprehensive background knowledge of all minority group culture in this area by the various of material object's display, the second thing is the Sunday market,it's held every five days and set along the riverside, the market retains its typical features which included many wooden homes and buildings. The Miao and Dong Minorities from the surrounding villages do business with each other in this market,besides,there are baskets of spices; cages of birds, exotic animals and reptiles; interesting plants; and piles of local fruits and vegetables.etc can be seen in this market,It's a very good way to have a insight of the different people's lifestyle and folk custom.

     There are also some tourist attraction were recommend in the vicinity,such as Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village,it's located in the southeastern area of Kaili,It's a good place for the tourists to discover the unique Miao ethnic culture,Before enter the village, visitors will receive a special welcoming ceremony from the hospitable Miao of the most outstanding scence is that each of the visitors will be proposed a toast by the local Miao woman,then a series of ethnic customs such as Miao dancing and folk musical instruments performance will be performed,the tourists are usually invited to dance and drink with the local people together.It's really a stunning atmosphere at that moment.

      Besides,another popular tour route to Zhenyuan Ancient Town based on Kali is also recommend.Zhenyuan is a tranquil ancient town which lies hidden in the east of Guzhou province, Zhenyuan County was established in 202BC in Han Dynasty which two thousand years,it's has become a famous historical and cultural city.The Wuyang river flow through the city and divided the city into two parts.It's also known as 鈥渢he Oriental Venice鈥

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Kali city

Kali museum

Langde Miao village

Greeting ceremony

Nanhua Miao village

Miao women in Nanhua village

Langde Miao dance show

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