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      Xijiang Miao village which is definitely the bigest Miao minority group settled in the world,Located in the north of Leishan county Kali city Guizhou province,there are 1285 households and nearly 6,000 Miao people lived in this village,The whole village was built on the slopes of separate hills. It's surrounded by the verdant mountains and extensive terraced rice fields, secluded from the outside world for over 600 years in the history,The whole village as well as its entire culture were well-preserved from generation to generation,It's called "the live culture museum" and "living fossil" of Miao minority group.

      The same to Dong people,Miao people is also one of the most community in Guizhou,The history of Xijiang could date back to 559BC and belong to the descendant of Chiyou tribe in the history,Xijiang Miao minority group had already come into being their own culture system before their migrated to Xijiang,because it's located the remote mountains and far away from the central government,so they separate themselves from the control of central government for a long time after they moved to Xijiang.they managed the social affair by themselves all the time in,this is why Xijiang Miao people's traditional culture and folk custom could be well-reserved and never be cut off for such a long time from generation to generation.

      If you're the first time visit this village,you must be shocked by its magnificent scale and momentum,It's should be a forest or rather a forest compose of wooden house rather than a village.from the root to the top,the whole hill was surrounded by the wooden house, The wooden houses were called diao jiao lou which wooden houses with tile roofs and stilt-like supports built on hillsides.all of the local inhabitants lived inside this kind of house.most of the wooden houses looks like stand there for several hundreds years but still firmed. It's also the main architecture of Miao minority group,there are many cobblestone-paved alley lead the way to each family.The river flow through the village and divided the village into two parts.In the morning, Curls of smoke were rising from the chimney of each wooden house.In the evening,The whole village coved by the countless lights.What a beautiful sights!

     In the Xijiang Miao village,The silver ornament played a very important role in local people's daily life,Look at the women's dresses, the silver ornament can be seen on the whole body,The silver-made clothes, headgear, earrings, bracelet, necklace and so on,besides,more silver ornament keep close touch with their daily life,Such as cup,pot, bowl, chopstick and so on are all made of silver,As a matter of fact,Silver ornament symbolize riches and honour in Miao people's culture and custom.

      The most highlight in Xijiang Miao village must belong to the Guzhang festival,It's also the most famous and ceremonious festival in Xijiang Miao village,it was held every 13 years,in fact,It's a grand ancestor worship activities,It's the most typical and sufficient way to display the Miao people's culture and folk custom during the festival.If you have chance,be sure not missed!

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