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     Rongjiang is also called Guzhou(old state) in ancient China, It's located in the southeastern of Guizhou,It covers 3315.8sqkm and with a population of 310,000,the most of ethnic minorities included Dong,Miao,Yao and Shui people are lived in this area which takes 84.4% of the total population. The annual average temperature is 18.1 centidegree.It's 340km to Guilin and 365km to's a important traffic hub connecting Congjiang and Liping with Kaili.

     The most famous interest of place must belong to the Chejiang Dong village,It's just located one kilometer away from the town,The whole village is made up of several Dong villages around.but there are three Dong villages are the main villages,so We also called its another name Sanbao Dong village.It's the most densely settled areas of Dong people in China.The whole village stretch a length of 15km,There are 2,400 household and 13,000 people lived in this area. and hence the name "The First Dong Village under the heaven".one of village in Chejiang Dong village named Zhanglu village which called the origination of Dong people's standard language,seems to Putonghua(china's mandarin),The most attractive and highlight of sanbao Dong village should be the Sanbao drum tower,it was built in 2001,and became the biggest drum tower in the world,it's 31.8m,21floors and it's talented technology has already read-in the Guinnes World record, this drum tower also stand for the Dong people's culture and history.around the village,there are hundreds of lush banyan trees growed beside the village and Duliu river.most of the them were planted in Qing dynasty(300 years ago),It's really a outstanding sights.

      If you have good luck,there are some local folk festival celebration will be performed in the front playground of Sanbao drum tower.Such as "Saman festival","watermelon festival",During this time, thousands of Dong people who come from surrounding villages will sing and dance together in the Sanbao village,the atmosphere of this festival is really magnificent and wonderful.

      Another famous highlight must be belong to Zaidang Dong village of Fengdeng town,It's located 26km northeast of Rongjiang county seat,This village is hidden inside the mountains,but there is lots of lush maples, the charming rice fields, crystal creek can be seen here and's really stunning and beautiful.The same to Xiaohuang Dong village,Zaidang Dong village is also famous for its grand Dong song,in this village,not only the kids but also the olds can sing grand Dong song as easy as ABC.besides,the local wooden houses is also unique and age-old,most of the building were decorated by the vivid as well as complicated woodcarvings,such as the window,the door and roof .etc,

       In Rongjiang county,The Miao village and Shui village is also need to paid a visited,they still remained their traditional cluture very well and never influenced by outside world,If you have time,these place is really worth to pay a visit.

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Miao Ancestor temple

Rongjiang Dong women

Short-skirt Miao woman

Miao people in Paibei village

Zaodang Dong village

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