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      Congjiang county belong to Qiandongnan(Southeastern of Guizhou) Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou province,It covers 3244 square kilometres and has a populatiton of 320,000, The annual temperature is 18.4 centidegree.Located at a remote as well as vast mountains area,Due to the inconvenient transportation,Congjiang was unaccessible and unenlightened for several centuries, Congjiang was still regard as one of the most impoverished places of Guizhou province.there are Miao,Dong,Yao,Zhuang,Shui ethnic minorities and so on lived in this area.

      The county seat is located at bingmei town which an important portal enter Guangxi province from Southeastern Guizhou,The Duliu river divided the town into tow parts and the national road No.321 just through the town by congjiang bridge over the Duliu river,it's 280km to Guilin from here,there are nothing especial and attractive thing to do inside the town,but it's a must stopover and transit point which want to visit some famous ethnic minority villages,such as Basha Miao village and Gaozhen Dong village.

       Basha in Miao language means a place where trees flourish,Basha Miao village is about 7km from Congjiang town,There are 371 households and 2061 people lived in this village,It's belong to one of the Miao sub-tribes, but it remained the unique tradition and folk custom since Qin Dynasty about 2200 years ago.Maybe due to this reason,Basha Miao people has a great difference from other Miao groups.besides,It's least affected by modern civilization compare to other Miao groups in the last decades.But with the development of tourism,More and more tourists entered their daily life,The local people's lifestyle were influenced by the visited tourists more or less.

       In fact,Except the agriculture,their 80% income come from tourism business.In Basha Miao village,you were for sure attracted by the Men's unique hairstyles, Basha men wear their long hair in braids looks like the people in Qin dynasty. They only shave the hair around the outside with sickles and leave the middle section in a ponytail which coiled up atop the head. This ancient hairstyle has existed in Biasha from generation to generation for thousands of years.besides,all of men often carry a dagger in the waist and a hunting rifle over the shoulder, which remains a common ornament, though there are no longer many beasts attack.Most of the men and women's costume are black or eggplant,In fact, Their costumes are made and dyed by themselves in a traditional method.The costume almost the same design pattern,such as diamonds and lines usually can be found in the design pattern.most of the local people lived in the wooden houses which looks likes tumbledown and dilapidated, A folk music and dance show can be seen when there is a big tourists group. It's really extraordinary  amazing.

      Apart from Basha Miao villages,Gaozhen Dong people's drum tower and Xiaohuang Dong people's folk song must not missed,especially,The Dong people's folk song has listed the world immaterial cultural heritage successfully on Nov 8th 2009,Xiaohuang Dong people's folk song is the hometown of the entire Dong groups and represent the top level of Dong people's folk song,If you want to listen the stunning original ecologic folk song, Do not missed!

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