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     Zhaoxing was noted for the biggest ethnic community of Dong in China,It's located 72km south of Liping county Guizhou province.The whole village covers 180 square kilometres,there are 800 households and 4000 people lived in this village.

    This whole village hidden in a valley surrounded by verdant mountains, a crystal creek flow through the whole village and divides it into two sides ,It's seems that this Dong village is seamlessly mingle into the surroundings and few touched by the modern civilization for a long time, So that it remains a harmonious and pristine life,Maybe that's why Zhaoxing was considered as one of the most attractive and mysterious destinations in Southwest China,lots of travellers visited there in order to witness living minority cultures and primitive lifestyle which will be never seen inside the modern cities.

      The most remarkable highlight in the village must be belong to the drum towers (wind and rain bridge),there are five drum towers were distributed in the different corner of the village,each of the durm tower stand for specifical connotation,It's represent kindness, righteousness, politeness, intellect and creditworthiness respectively.All of the drum towers were built during the late Qing dynasty(A.D1840-1912), If you could have a bird's eye view of the whole village at a hilltop nearby,The five drum towers looks like five masts while the whole village with its surrounding mountains looks like a big boat.The same to other Dong villages,These durm towers still play a very important role in their daily life at present. In most cases,The drum towers were used as a meeting place or a performance stage now,apart from the drum towers,there are five wind and rain bridges and five theat stages can be seen in Zhaoxing Dong village.

      In Zhaoxing Dong village,everything looks so peaceful and elegantly, In the early morning,when you open the window,You could be attractived by the local people's life.The ladies washed their clothes alongside the creek light-hearted,The children may went to school slowly,and the men walk toward to the rice fields with their buffalo,in the sundown,all of the people begin to return home from everywhere.This simple lifestyle could took place repeatedly day after day for hundreds of years.simply but beautiful.This is renowned Zhaoxing.

      Zhaoxing Dong village is not only famous for its outstanding drum towers but also for its stunning folk culture.for example the Dong people's grand song, as the old saying goes:鈥滾ife rely on the food,sing song keeps a good mood,you could become old without sing song鈥

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Zhaoxing Dong village

Zhaoxing entrance

Local buildings

Drum tower in Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing Evening

Tang An village

Dong peole in Zhaoxing

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