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      Longshen is one of counties as well as a minority autonomous regions of Guilin city,It's located in the northwest of Guilin city.It takes 2 hours drive from Guilin,the most minorities included Zhuang,Yao,Miao and Dong people lived in this area and has a  total population of 230,000.It covers 2,538 square kilometres, The annual temperature is 18.1centidegree.Longji rice terrace and the colorful minority culture must be one of the most highlight among the Guilin tourism.

      Longji(Dragon's backbone)rice terrace is located at Heping town which 27km far away from Longshen city, the fields cover an area of over 66 square kilometers. Longji rice terrace is made up of Pingan Zhuang village and Jinkeng Yao village with both of surrounding terraced rice fields,Longji rice terrace begin established in Yuan dynasty (A.D1206-1370) and finished in Qing dynasty(A.D1640-1912) and a history of 700 years. But it still kept intact and naturally at present.The terraced field was built along the mountain slope with the elevation from 300m to 1000m, The terraced rice fields looks like lots of beautiful chains or ribbons waving from the foot to the top of the mountain if you see from afar or have a bird view from the top. Due to this magnificent landscape,It's also called "The champion of the terrace world".It's really a faming miracle for the human being.The terraced rice fields looks spectacular and different during the four seasons,but Spring and Autumn is usually recommended.

       Apart from the spectacular rice terrace,The local ethnic minority groups must be another highlight and attraction of Longji rice terrace,there are Zhuang and Yao people lived in the Longji rice terrace since long years ago,but they still maintain their own glorious community culture included their house architecture,costumes,diet,folk custom,traditional festival and lifestyle.some of the most attractive features in Longji rice terrace are the local unique wooden houses and the local ladies spiraled long-hair on their head.these will show you a fresh and exotic atmosphere which quite from the Han community.

       Another tourist attraction of Longshenis Longshen hot spring,there are 16 nature hot spring pools in total, These springs can spout over 1,200 meters from underground with water temperatures ranging from 45 C(113 F) to 58 C(136 F). Experts have determined that the waters contain various elements including zinc, manganese, lithium, strontium and iron that are beneficial to health. Bathing in the springs is not only healthful, but can reputedly alleviate diseases such as cardiopathy and rheumatism as well as certain skin conditions.

      If you are looking for a place which with peaceful lifestyle and exotic culture,Longji rice terrace is just the right place for you.

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Longji village

Rice terrace

Rice terrace-Spring

Rice terrace-Summer

Rice terrace-Autumn

Rice terrace-Winter

Yao woman in Longji

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