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     Yangshuo is located 65km southern of Guilin city Guangxi province,and also the terminus of the Li River cruise from Guilin,it covers 1,428 square kilometres and with a population of 300,000,it's belong to subtropical monsoon climate, The annual temperature is 19 centidegree, Yangshuo was first estafblished in Sui dynasty(A.D 590) and has a long history of 1,400 years ago.Yangshuo is called the paradise of karst topography,there are at least 20,000 karst peaks inside Yangshuo county.

     As the old saying goes:"Guilin has the best scenery in the world,Yangshuo has the most beautiful part of Guilin". Though Yangshuo is very small but has a big reputation in the world due to its magnificent and distinctive natural scenery. It just like the fairland attracted travelers around the world.Surrounded by spectacular Karst pearks and rural farming areas.Yangshuo is also a best place to see the real china if you want to visit.That's why that book "lonely planet" incite the travellers go to Yangshuo all the time.

      Yangshuo town is located in the centern and also the administration center of Yangshuo county, it's just laid at the west riverbank of the Li River and surrounded by verdant limestone pinnacles,As a small town ,Yangshuo town is really quite different from other towns in China, there are thousands of foreign tourists come to Yangshuo from every corner of the world each day.So that makes Yangshuo become the place where you can find the maximum foreigners per squaremeter in China!there is a famous street named "Xijie"(west street)in Yangshuo town,a old Paved marble street with well-reserved ancient building,besides,there are many modern as well as western style bars,cafes also include many old traditional style hotels, restaurants,shops can be found along the street.especially,most of local people can speak fluent Englsih as easy as ABC,it's also must be the only place that you will never worry the language barrier in China. you could misdeem yourself stay at your hometown somewhere without the extrusive limestone peaks nearby.

      The most attractive of Yangshuo must belong to the beauty of the countryside for the travellers home and abroad, it has developed into an legendary backpackers getaway as well as a wonderful holiday resort compare to the big cities.take a bicycle go around Yangshuo countryside,then you will understand what people said. The pastoral scenery, picturesque rivers, paddy rice field,the local rough adobe farmer hourses and water buffalos will tell you that this is the real China and a place with distinctive natural scenery.

     As a well known tourist places,apart from the inherent nature resources,Yangshuo also provide various attractive activities.such as the bamboo rafing,cave exploring,rock climbing,hiking,Kayaking,cycling,light show and so on, whatever your expected, Yangshuo has just something suitable for you.these activities will also leave you a impressive memory during your visit at Yangshuo.

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