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     It was said that:"East or west,Guilin scenery is best",Especially ,it's distinguished for its unique mountains,limpid water, fantastic caves and charming rocks, Located in the northeastern of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region South china.The Mountains surrounding Guilin are quite different than the mountain ranges that we were used to see in other places, Most of the mountains in Guilin looks separate independently and the hight is less than 500 meters from the sea level. These weirdly shaped karst pinnacles that appear to have spring up straight from the ground. They look like elephants, camels, horses, lions, lotus, bamboo shoots and so on.As a matter of fact,Guilin owns the best and intensive Karst topography in the world.limestone peaks,rocks and caves are the most features of Karst topography.Besides, The rice fields,rivers,mountains and forests seamlessly mingle into each other making this area an artist's favourite,so as to be considered as the top beautiful destinations of the world.

    "The river winds like a green silk ribbon, while the hills are like jade hairpins"said by Hanyu who one of famous poet in Tang dynasty(1,300 years ago),In this poem,We can know that the author was attracted and shocked deeply by the breathtaking scenery of Li river. Absolutely,Li river is one of the most famous river in China even in the world, the unique shaped peaks, Picturesque rivers,limpid water, idyllic scenery, verdant bamboo groves makes Li jiang river looks like a Chinese traditional ink painting.that's why people always say Lijiang rive is the soul of Guilin, The cruise from Guilin down the Lijiang river to Yangshuo is one of the highlights of your visit to Guilin even China, in addition to Lijiang river.besides,Reed Flute Cave,Folded Brocade Hill,Gudong waterfall all show a various natural beauty of Guilin.In the other hand,Guilin is not only famous for its nature scenery,In fact,Guilin is also an important cultural city with a history of 2000 years since Qin dynasty, From the Song to the Qing Dynasty, Guilin has been the political, economic, and cultural center of Guangxi province.there are some ancient well-preserved palaces,temples, inscriptions on precipices, monuments inside the caves can prove it,such as Solitary Beauty Peak, Mausoleum of Prince Jingjiang, Folded Brocade Hill. 

    Aside from beautiful scenery and historical culture,Guilin also has some extraordinary advantage and resources which the other cities of China couldn't have.there are another 11 ethnic minorities with han people live in this area,such as Zhuang,Yao,Dong,miao and so on,these minorities still keep their own culture and folk custom at present,Their buildings, costumes and lifestyle are quite different from Han people,It's also a important highlight among the Guilin's tourism.

     Guilin climate belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate where four seasons are distinguishable,winter is not too cold and summer is not too hot.The annual temperature is 19.3 centidegree,The travel peak season is between April and October,especially,most of tourists prefer to visit Guilin in the summer holiday.but some of Chinese festival and holiday should pay more attention,such as the Chinese National holiday appear on the first week of October while there are so many Chinese tourists here and there.

    With the development of tourism,there is a great changed happed in Guilin,At present,Guilin has already owned the convenient transportation,communication and accommodation facilities,tens of thousands foreign tourists visit Guilin each month.Due to its Great fame of Guilin,there are many famous people included some of foreign presidents has already visited Gulin in the last several decades,such as the former American presidents Richard Nixon,Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter,Guilin is one of the most highlight and your must visit place when you travel to Guilin.

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