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 Li river cruise
 Guilin night cruise
 Outdoor cycling
 Bamboo rafting
 Great light show
 Cormorant fishing
 Rock climbing
 Cave exploring
 Chinese cooking
 Taichi & Kongfu

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 Guilin photos
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 Guilin hotels

 Guilin Lijiang waterfall hotel
 Guilin Sheraton hotel
 Guilin Bravo hotel
 Guilin Eva Inn
 Guilin Jingguangminglou
 Guilin Ronghu Lake hotel
 Guilin Grand 077Three hotel

 Yangshuo hotels

 Yangshuo Resort
 Yangshuo Green lotos hotel
 Yangshuo New Century Hotel
 Yangshuo Regency holiday hotel

 Longshen hotels

 Li An lodge 
 Ping An hotel
 Shenglongtang hotel


 Recommended tours

 One day tours

     one day Li river cruise tour
     one days Longji terrace tour
     one day Li river hiking tour
     one day Yangshuo highlight tour

 Two days tour

     Two days Longji hiking tours
     Two days Guilin typical tours
     Two days Yangshuo typical tours
     Two days Guilin & Yangshuo typical tour

 Three days tour

     Three days Guilin & Yangshuo package tours
     Three days Longji,Li river and Yangshuo package tours
     Three days Yangshuo & Longji package tours
     Three days Yangshuo packages tours

 Four days tour

     Four days Guilin,Yangshuo and Longji package tours
     Four days Yangshuo & Longji package tours
     Four days Guilin and Yangshuo tour with Taichi & Cooking
     Four days Yangshuo outdoor activities tour

 Minority tours

     Five days Guilin,Sanjiang,Longji,Yangshuo tours
     Eight days Zhaoxing,Sanjiang,Guilin and Yangshuo tours
     Ten days Guilin,Longji,Sanjiang and Guizhou tours

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