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Why choose us

1.We treat each of the tourist as a friend
Because of the fame of Yangshuo as well as the development of Yangshuo tourism,More and more tourists come to Yangshuo,meanwhile more and more local people also want to join the tourism industry. as well as I know,there are at least 800 local tour guides in Yangshuo town, In fact,there are many local tour guides without valid license and come from the countryside,especially,some of them like to take advantage of what they see as "stupid tourists", They tell lies, overcharge and try to make more money from the tourist,They treated foreigner tourists not a friend but a "target" of Money.We, however, put the customer first.we do believe that the only reason that the foreigner tourists want to choose us are due to our outstanding service and reliable personality.

We offer competitive price
We know that the price is one of the most important aspect that the tourists want to choose you or not,So all the tour price we provide are competitive and value for money.Besides,because you are contact with us directly, there is no middle man between us,so you can save a lot of commission and get the real price from us.we believe that Below-cost pricing marketing method is not useful any more,In order to catch tourist's eye,some operators may list a series of very low price in some tours on their site, once the tourists want to book these tours,the operators may tell lies,such as it's full or not for this moment,then ask the tourists to book other tours. We however The tour price we posted are all with honest price tag displayed.Never include hidden expense.If the price of some tours are higher than others,we can explain that we choose limo instead of common taxi,The deluxe hotel intead of common hostel.we can ensure that every penny you spent are valuable and worthwhile.

All of the tours are at your own pace and comfort
We know that our work is just assist you and never force you to do something,because we are the locals,so we are more experienced and informative.Though business is business,But tourists always are the first, If we recommend or suggest something it is simply because, in our opinion, it is good and worthy to do it. We tailor-made your own tour based on your requests and we make sure you visit those "can't miss" sites you've always expected!Please Remeber! Our constant strive is to allow you to travel around Yangshuo at Your Own Pace and Comfort.

we provide customized and tailor-made tours
With a couple of years work experience,we have met a great number of cases, most of them are the tailor-made tours. Due to different kinds of reason,many tourists rather travel independently than go with the tour group. we excel tailor-made tours according to your needs and requirements. thus makes your travel more flexible and enjoyable.Please tell us what are you expected ,then we will do the rest for you!

We provide personal travel consultant
From your first contact with us, we strive to deliver the personal touch. We promise to reply to your first email within 24 hours, and the person who replies to you is your travel consultant.The travel consultant's first task is to prioritise your interests, not ours.So,from your first email, We will give you impartial advice,aimed at your trip to Yanghsuo with minimum expense and considerate service,and will stay with your from first contact until your trip is finished!No matter you join in our package tours or customized tours,If you have any troubles or questions,please don't hesitate to let us know by phone or email,We will try our best to make you satisfied.


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