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About Jack

  You may want to know a little bit more about me by checking these pictures.Though it's not all that interesting and extraordinary, but at least it's better that you shake hands with me before taking part in a tour with me. 


My profile


Name: Jack(English name); Zhou Hong Guang(Chinese Name in Pinyin)

Born: In June 1985; Hengyang city,Hunan province,China

Languages: Chinese and English

Occupation: English Speaking tour guide since 2006;The owner of "Jack's Private Tours"

Hobby: Travel,Photography,Cooking,outdoor sports and listening music


My family

         I was born and raised at a small village in Hengyang city of Hunnan province,It's almost 380km and 6 hours drive from Yangshuo town.There are my parents, my older brother and me in my family, My parents are farmers, They making a living and feed me and my older brother by growing the rice and fruit. My older brother now worked as an architect in Shanghai. I really appreciate my parents that they try their best and gave birth to me after my older brother during that difficult years, I do understand that thousands of families couldn't have two sons due to the rigorous one-child policy in mainland China.So,I always say to myself, I am a lucky boy. Also I should make the most use of my lifetime. Maybe some children will whine about their poor family background.For me, It's a big shame to have such a stupid idea. Better life comes from your handwork not only rely on your parents. Although I didn't receive too much material wealth from my parents, But my parents give me a healthy body as well as sensible thoughts. That's quite enough. Besides, My parents used to taught me how to bear myself while I was growing up.Such as honesty, patience, responsibility and meticulosity. These outstanding characters influence my whole life,So does my career!

                                     My tours aim at peaceful and extraordinary natural beauty

My thoughts is influenced by my clients

As a native Chinese, before I worked as an English Speaking tour guide for western tourists, My thoughts and habits are the same to other Chinese, I was used to be inculcated Chinese traditional culture and thoughts by my teachers and parents throughout my childhood. I also know that China belongs to socialist state, Most of my clients are western tourists and from capitalistic state. Of course, The culture between Eastern and Western is also quite different. But Before I kept in touch with western tourists in person by guiding therm. Myself had no idea of their thoughts. After I worked as an English tour guide,I have lots of chance to Share our different culture and thoughts face to face. To be quite frank, Most of the tourists who I served are not only belong to my clients but also belong to my mentor. So that I can rethink the moral value of society, Family love, Animal care, Environment protection, Freedom and Democracy. Before I thought work hard, then I can make a lot of money, But now, I think work is just a part of my life, Family and personal dream are more important than make money. I also do believe that It's also better for me to understand my clients more if my clients and me have same thoughts and values. So that I can really do a good tour guide job for my clients according to their thoughts and requests.

Me and my private tours

In fact, Tourism business is the main industry of Guilin and Yangshuo, There are lots of tour guides, travel agents and tour suppliers in Guilin and Yangshuo, All of them making a living by arranging tours for the tourists. I am just one of them. Most of tourists decide to work with the tour guide or travel agent must due to the specific features or reasons of this tour guide or travel agent. In my mind, As a remarkable tour supplier, There are some essential features focus on my private tours;

Firstly, Professionalism; It's a very important aspect to measure a excellent tour supplier or not. The Excellent tour supplier must be a good tour consultant, a good tour guide and a good tour analyst.Actually, my service could begin from replying my client's inquiry. I have to understand the essential thoughts and needs through my client's shorter inquiry. Then I will try to tailor-made an ideal tour to match my client's thoughts and needs as soon as possible. This is what an excellent tour supplier does. For example, I am used to buy the medicine at the same pharmacy in Yangshuo town when I was sick. The reason is not how big or how cheap is this pharmacy, The reason cause me to buy the medicine at the same pharmacy is because of the professional salesclerk in this pharmacy. Because this salesclerk will give me some useful suggestions on which kind of medicine is helpful to me. Besides this salesclerk will also advice me which kinds of food shouldn't eat during my illness. But the salesclerk in other pharmacies seems more interested in promoting their medicine than my illness. If you were me, which pharmacy do you like more. This is the same to a tour supplier or tour guide. Answer the tourist's question or solve the tourist's practical problem is more important than promoting the tour business.

 My tours focus on less touristy places,Stay away from tourist crowds and tourist scams


Secondly, Flexibility. I do know that Most of tourists would like to ask me to arrange a tour for them due to the flexibility. As well as we know, If we join in the tour group, It's very difficult for us to change the agendas or plan as we want, In this point, My private tours could be more flexible, I can accommodate the itinerary and activities according to the weather, my client's interests, physical condition and other factors. So that my clients won't feel boring do the activities which they dislike. At the same time,They also won't waste the time.

                               My tours care our clients' authentic travel experience

Thirdly, The Competitive price; Due to the global economic crisis since from 2008,I knew that quite a few tourists squeezed the budget for vacation, As to the tour supplier, Offer the competitive price could be the most effective way to grab the tourist's eyes. I can offer different tour solutions to match the budget of my clients. So that makes sure my clients to spend an affordable and memorable vacation. I will make sure every penny you spent is valuable and worthwhile! Please remember, though We provide first-class service, but We will never charge exorbitant.


Fourthly, At your own pace and comfort; This is our unusual features While guiding a tour, We pay more attention to let my clients to have a worry-free and relaxing pace to enjoy sightseeing.As a matter of fact, Due to the development of Yangshuo tourism business,Yangshuo itself become more and more crowded and commercialized. Actually, Most of my clients are hate to be stuck into the crowds and tourist traps.So do I, Since from tailor-made the itinerary, I especially care about it. I prefer to take my clients to visit some less visited places but with amazing scenery. Besides,I would also like to accompany with my clients to do walking and bicycling through off the beaten track.

                                          At your own pace and comfort


Fifthly, I care about my client's travel experience while touring with me, As an excellent tour guide, I didn't only lead the way for my clients simply.Actually,I prefer my clients obtain the best experiences during the trip,I hope my clients could be inspired by my explanation of the local people's lifestyle and customs. Besides, My clients could also have chance to try to grind the soya bean by stone mill, catch the fish by using the cormorants, Plant the local crops by hand in person, etc.These activities could enrich my client's experience greatly.


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