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Yangshuo One Day Highlight tour


For tourists who be interested in;

Type A.

Want to see the gorgeous natural landscape and do attractive activities during the limited time in Guilin and Yangshuo area.
Type B.

Hate to join in fixed and crowded group tour organized by the local travel agent or ordinary attractions sightseeing arranged by the hotel reception desk
Type C.

Desire to discover the authentic local culture and less tourists places accompany with a personal knowledgeable tour guide

Type D.

Don’t mind to pay a little bit more to book a private tour for gaining a smooth, considered and secured trip arrangement as well as a memorable travel experience.


Tour Code: JPT - DH1
Duration:1 Day

Pick up: 9am at your hotel (For reference)

Finish:  6pm at your hotel (For reference)

Departure: Daily

Service:  Experienced private tour guide & safe driver + Comfortable private car/van

Payment Types: Cash, PayPal and Wire


Attractions: Li river,old towns and villages, peaceful rural area in Yangshuo,enjoyable bamboo raft ride on peaceful Yulong river,Relaxing bike ride experience in scenic countryside

Flexible Itinerary?  Yes


Itinerary Details

After you finish your breakfast in the morning, Your private tour guide and driver will pick up you at your hotel at 9am,Then drive you toward to Xianggong hill and its nearby view lookouts for 1hour and 15mintues, it's nice to know more each other through talk about our different culture,landscape,history,custom,thoughts and ideas in the car on the way. Once arrived Xianggong hill, You can climb up to the top along the stone steps for 15minutes. You can see the breathtaking Li river landscape which surrounded by numerous Karst mountains from the hilltop. Then you will be amazed by the outstanding natural landscape in China.You can also see the Li river valley and mountain valley from other view points along the way.

Then We will continue drive you to Yulong river valley for 45minutes, Then you can take a relaxing bamboo raft ride down the peaceful Yulong river. It’s probably the most relaxing and leisure way to enjoy the tranquil rural scenery. Meanwhile, it's also very excited and interesting to pass through the weirs for several times along the way. Then we will take you to explore the beautiful countryside by bicycle, You can pass through the local rice fields,riverside pathway,orchards and local old villages, You can also have an insight of the local people's daily farming work and daily life in the fields or village.

In the afternoon, We will drive you to Xingping ancient town which located beside Li river, Upon arrival Xingping township, You can get on a private motorized bamboo boat, Then we can take a round trip cruise between Xingping and Nine horse fresco hill which has the most scenic landscape in Li river valley, you can see lots of jagged and towering Karst peaks which line at the both sides of the river bank. Among the fascinating limestone peaks, you'll also see verdant bamboo groves, charming old villages, fisherman fishing in the river, farmers tending their orchard, woman washing clothes, goats, water buffalos,ducks along the way. You will also find the actual place on the Li river which the picture shows on back of Chinese 20 Yuan banknote.

After you finish the Li river cruise by bmaboo boat, You can also wander Xingping old street,It's nice to see the local hardicrafts,homemade sweets and candys at the local shops there, You can also have an insight of the local traditional old houses,buildings and local people's daily lifestyle lived in this old street. at last,We will send you back to your hotel.The wonderful day tour is end!


1.Enjoy Li river cruise by a private bamboo boat at the most scenic part of Li river without bustle and crowds.

2.Discover the Local featured old towns,old villages,old houses and the authentic local people's daily working and daily living in the rural area

3. Take a relaxing bike ride go through the fascinating rural area of the Yulong river valley

4. Get on a bamboo raft floating down the peaceful Yulong river

5. Share the different culture,stories and thoughts with your personal tour guide, interact with the local people with the help of your personal tour guide.


Price details of this tour

Group Size





Tour cost





1.Price Per Person in US Dollars base on the intraday exchange rate
2. Suppose you stay a hotel in Guilin city

Price details of this tour

Group Size





Tour cost





1.Price Per Person in US Dollars base on the intraday exchange rate
2. Suppose you stay a hotel in Yangshuo town


Price Inclusions
1. Private transfers by car/Van with experienced driver mentioned above
2. All of activities and trip arrangement mentioned above
3. All of the entrance tickets mentioned above
4. Private English-speaking tour guide service

Price exclusions:
1.Arrival and Departure flight tickets
2.All of Personal expenses and Travel insurance fee
3.All of meals and accommodation
4.Other optional activities and terms
5.Tips to the tour guide and driver





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